USTA Eastern College Showcase

College coaches and potential recruits will mingle and learn

The Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco, New York will play host to the 2016 USTA Eastern College Showcase Day on Sunday, November 6, 2016. The all-day event at the Westchester County venue will bring together high-school players with college tennis coaches. The students not only can do quality networking but collect information, hear from experts, and educate themselves on the NCAA process for recruiting. Continue reading “USTA Eastern College Showcase”

Climax at the Oracle

In Malibu, the Oracle/ITA Junior Masters proved a spectacle worthy of the site.

The Malibu Racquet Club in Malibu, California enjoys a spectacular setting that rivals those of clubs on this “top ten” list of the world’s best. On one side you have stunning mountains, on the other, the Pacific Ocean, both offering eye-popping views. The club’s membership naturally includes Hollywood movers, shakers, stars, and starlets living nearby. It was a perfect venue to dazzle participants in the Oracle/ITA Junior Masters tournament that took place there from October 14 through 16. The athletes added some dazzle of their own with sparkling youth tennis. Ellee Dryer of Olathe, Kansas, summed up her experience: “This is my favorite tournament ever!” Continue reading “Climax at the Oracle”

A Conversation with Darryl Cummings

A UTR “Founding Father” Reflects on the Game and the System

Tennis coach Darryl Cummings was one of the small group who worked with Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) founder Dave Howell to get the rating system up and running in its early days. Cummings played varsity tennis at Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia, graduating in 1986. After teaching tennis and coaching high-school teams for a few years, he became head coach of men’s and women’s tennis at Old Dominion in 1992, and remained until 2011. Currently, he lives in Virginia Beach and owns the Cape Henry Racquet Club there. Cummings also provides leadership to tennis players around the world on competitive opportunities and choosing colleges. Here he shares some reflections on UTR and its role in the game of tennis. Continue reading “A Conversation with Darryl Cummings”

Tweet Recap from Malibu: Oracle ITA Masters

Future of college tennis among current college stars

This year, the Oracle/ITA Junior Masters Championship kicked off for the first time with qualifying tournaments throughout the nation. The field has narrowed down to 16 boys and 16 girls, including tournament winners and wildcards. These athletes headed to Malibu, California, for the playoffs at the Malibu Racquet Club. Continue reading “Tweet Recap from Malibu: Oracle ITA Masters”

Scribe of the Campus Courts

Bobby Knight stays on top of college tennis—every day.

Ask people who follow college tennis closely where you can learn the latest, and they’ll say “Bobby Knight.” They don’t mean the former Indiana basketball coach. Tennis’s Bobby Knight is a blogger whose site,, provides daily reports on what is happening in the world of intercollegiate tennis. Since its launch in January 2015, the site has taken off: there’ve been 825,000 page views so far. Knight puts it simply: “People enjoy reading about college tennis.” Readers also like his lists on the UTR website that catalog the top ten collegiate players from various nations, including France, Spain, Canada—and yes, the United States. Continue reading “Scribe of the Campus Courts”

What’s Your UTR?

In a few dozen ways, Universal Tennis Rating is reshaping the game.

The day will come when tennis players ask each other, “What’s your UTR?” the same way golfers now inquire, “What’s your handicap?” UTR, the acronym for Universal Tennis Rating, is quickly becoming the worldwide yardstick for ability in the game of tennis. That’s because the game badly needs a simple, widely shared way to measure players’ skill, and UTR perfectly meets that need.

UTR is tennis’s metric system. It’s a worldwide service that rates tennis players and teams. With 2,700 different ranking systems operating across the planet, UTR is the one standard recognized everywhere. By far the simplest, most accurate gauge of tennis ability, UTR’s 16-point scale applies to both sexes, all ages, and all levels of skill, from beginners to top professionals. From Grand Slams to college matches to junior events, UTR is rapidly becoming the gold standard that players, coaches, tournaments, and national federations use to ensure exciting, well-matched play. Continue reading “What’s Your UTR?”

A Teenaged Pro Reflects on Tennis

Junior Wimbledon Champ Reilly Opelka Has His Say

One of the tallest men on the ATP tour at 6 feet, 11 inches, Reilly Opelka (UTR 14.87) is a 19-year-old to watch. Ranked among the top 300 professional men, Reilly’s won the 2015 Junior Wimbledon championship. On his way to the final, he defeated then top-ranked Taylor Fritz. Reilly took the final over Mikael Ymer (15.06), a Swedish player from an Ethiopian family, in a close 7-6, 6-4 match. Continue reading “A Teenaged Pro Reflects on Tennis”

UTR’s Resources for College Tennis

The global rating system offers many services to the campus game

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is expanding and strengthening its services for the game of college tennis. It’s a tool that can also make collegiate tennis coaches more successful at what they do.

For example, the arrival of Big Data—like the 3-million-plus tennis matches in the UTR database—can empower coaches in several ways, from accelerating player development to spending budgets more efficiently to navigating intelligently in a global game with a plethora of varied ranking systems.  Continue reading “UTR’s Resources for College Tennis”

Malibu, Here We Come!

Oracle ITA Junior Masters Championship Now Ready to Go

This year, the Oracle/ITA Junior Masters Championship kicked off for the first time with qualifying tournaments throughout the nation. Those tourneys are now complete, and the field has narrowed down to 16 boys and 16 girls, including tournament winners and wildcards. These athletes will head to Malibu, California, for the playoffs at the Malibu Racquet Club. Continue reading “Malibu, Here We Come!”

In Newport: Collegians on Grass!

The International Tennis Hall of Fame hosts its first college event

Two milestones happened at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island, over the weekend of September 16-18. To start with, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) staged the first grass-court tournament in its history. Second, the Hall of Fame hosted its first event for college players, the Hall of Fame ITA Grass Court Invitational. These landmarks coincided: the two were actually the same occasion. Continue reading “In Newport: Collegians on Grass!”